Acknowledging paternity

You are expecting a child or already have a child, but you are not married to each other and now you want to acknowledge paternity. This process is called “Vaterschaftsanerkennung” in German.

The father must declare that he is the father of the baby and the mother must agree to this declaration. Otherwise, the acknowledgement of paternity will not take effect. To do this, make an appointment at the registry office – in German “Standesamt” – where both the father and the mother can be in present.

For the acknowledgement of paternity, you need to bring some documents with you:

  • your ID-Cards

  • your birth certificate, if so also the one of your infant

  • if so, marriage certificate of the father

  • if so, marriage certificate and valid divorce certificate of the mother

Get in contact as early as possible to clarify which documents you will need individually, what costs you may have to calculate and when you can make an appointment.

Find contact to your local registry office in the adress box.