Basic equipment

You still have a little time before giving birth. However, if you get all the essentials for the baby early, you can lean back in the last trimester of your pregnancy and literally put your feet up. Because, as praxis has shown, then you may feel a pinch here and there, your back hurts, your legs are heavy and you are might quickly getting out of breath. In addition, it can also happen that your baby sets off earlier than expected. Therefore, it is recommended to gather everything you need early and piece by piece. This is often referred to in the literature or in consultation centers and authorities as “Erstausstattung” and means basic / initial equipment.

Subsidies for this can be paid by Jobcenter, the social welfare office as well as from the Federal Foundation “Mutter und Kind” – mother and child. Means of the foundation can be applied for at the pregnancy counselling center. In order to receive this financial support, however, there must be a need for assistance. For example, if you are already receiving social benefits such as unemployment benefit II – ALG II -, housing benefit or asylum seeker benefits.

You are also welcome to accept assistance. Second-hand clothes from friends can help relieve the strain on your wallet, and small gifts of money before the birth are no disgrace. A baby wish list would also be an idea, so that everyone can give you something you really need.

At flea markets, baby fairs and also online you can get hold of cheap second-hand clothes. In the beginning, babies need a lot clothes, because it is not uncommon for something to go down the drain or for milk to be spit up again. Therefore, calculate well. You can use our checklist as a guide. Especially for bodysuits, pants and tops, you should plan a generous amount. Everything else will not get dirty so quickly.

The biggest expense you will have is the stroller. Therefore, inform yourself well about the value for money. The furnishing of the child’s room should also be well planned. A separate room is not necessary for a baby. Only some space for a small bed (if your baby does not sleep in the family bed), a place to change diapers and later a safe place for crawling and playing are really necessary.

You can find a location for basic equipment in your region in the adress box.

Checklist baby-basic equipment