Child supplement

Child supplement – in German “Kinderzuschlag” is a benefit that can be paid to families with at least one working parent, if there is income that does, unfortunately, not cover all the costs. Given the fact that you already receive child benefit (“Kindergeld” in German) for your child or your children and you have a certain minimum income. For couples the minimum income is 900,- €, for single parents it is 600,- €. If you earn less money, you will probably be entitled to unemployment benefit II (support from “Job Center”).

If you apply for child supplement, it makes sense to apply for housing benefit – “Wohngeld” in German – at the same time. Also if you just became unemployed and you are now receiving unemployment benefit I (from “Agentur für Arbeit”) you can apply for this benefit.

If you receive a positive decision on the application for child supplement, you are entitled to benefits for education and participation (“BUT”) as well. If your child attends a day care centre or an after-school care centre, you can also apply for exemption from the parental contribution at the Youth Welfare Office with the positive decision on the child supplement.

You can find local contact points for applying for child supplement in the adress box.