Maternity benefit

You as a mother receive maternity benefit – “Muttterschaftsgeld” in German – during the period of maternity leave – “Mutterschutz” in German. This is the period six weeks before and eight weeks after the date of birth or the expected date of birth.

You will receive a certificate from your gynaecologist some time ahead. This document can be used to apply for maternity benefit at your health insurance.

Pregnant women and mothers who have not done a paid job before cannot receive maternity benefit. However, they continue receiving social benefits (for instance unemployment benefit II from “Jobcenter”) and after giving birth, they will also receive parental allowance – in German “Elterngeld”.

If you have worked in a paid job before, you will receive maternity benefit dependent on your income you have had. In addition to maternity benefit, you will receive an employer’s allowance from your employer. (He can refund the money) This means you will not suffer from any financial disadvantages, but receive the same amount of money as before maternity leave. After the eight weeks you received maternity benefit, you can receive parental allowance. At that time your infant will be three months old. However, it should be requested after giving birth.

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