Pack your bag for childbirth

It is advisable to pack your bag to take it with you for the childbirth some time ahead.

In this bag or suitcase should be all the things you want to take to the place of birth for you and your new-born.

We advise you to pack the following:

important papers:

  • “Mutterpass”

  • ID-Card

  • family register or birth certificate, if you and the father of your infant are not married

  • health insurance card

for you:

  • nightdress you can open in the front (until belly button)

  • underwear

  • nursing bra (one or two size bigger than your normal)

  • bathrobe

  • body care products

  • Waschlappen, Haarföhn
  • flannels, hair dryer

  • your mobile phone with your important phone numbers

  • clothes for your way home

for your baby:

  • body or baby shirt and panty

  • jumpsuit

  • papers (minimum size)

  • baby socks

  • little jacket and little warm hat

  • fitting clothes, depending on the season

  • a carry case – or very important if you are going by car – do not forget the infant carrier for the car!