Place of birth

Most pregnant women give birth in a hospital. Especially if you are pregnant for the first time, giving birth in a hospital can give you security. You can take a look at the different maternity wards in the hospitals in advance, take your time and then decide. Therefore, special information events are offered in the hospitals. You can even visit the delivery rooms. Around the 30th week of pregnancy you should decide for a hospital and then register the birth there. Just make an appointment there and you will receive all further important information and follow-up appointments.

When giving birth in a hospital, you can in addition choose between outpatient and stationary birth. Outpatient means that you go home with your baby immediately after the childbirth. If you decide on a stationary birth, you will stay in the hospital for up to three more days, or up to five days in the case of a C-section. You and your local doctors will decide together when you can leave the hospital.

In the case of pregnancies with increased risk factors, only hospitals that have an intensive care unit for children are considered, in order to be able to provide the infant with good medical care in an emergency.

Other options include giving birth at home, accompanied by a midwife, or giving birth in a birth center. Birth centers are run by midwives and do not have the hospital flair that is often feared. The atmosphere here is more homelike. Unfortunately, birth centers are not available in every city.
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