Check-up “U3 Untersuchung”

4th to 5th week of life

The third examination “U3” is for checking on the organs of your infant and the consequences of might initiated treatments of the second Check-Up. The spot is apart from that on the nutrition and the weight of your child. Individual references on the nutrition can help the teeth development and the oral hygiene. Besides, the body mobility will be checked and the function of eyes and ears will be analysed. To prevent negative development of the hip, an ultrasound examination (Sonografie).

early detection examination called “U-Untersuchungen”

The check-ups for your child are supposed to detect disorders development of your infant as soon as possible. It is very beneficial for your child to got to the check-ups because, if necessary, therapies can be started as early as possible.

All the screening examinations are done by the pediatrician. You can find a pediatrician in your surrounding in the adress box.