Check-up “U4 Untersuchung”

3rd to 4th month of life

Attending the Check-Up “U4” the pediatrician will examine the skeleton, the motor skills and the nervous system. There will be recorded, for example, whether your infant can lift its head and hold tight a toy when lying on the belly. In “U4” squinting and limited ability to hear can be detected. Besides the Check-Up is an important occasion to carry out the initial vaccinations.

early detection examination called “U-Untersuchungen”

The check-ups for your child are supposed to detect disorders development of your infant as soon as possible. It is very beneficial for your child to got to the check-ups because, if necessary, therapies can be started as early as possible.

All the screening examinations are done by the pediatrician. You can find a pediatrician in your surrounding in the adress box.