All of a sudden, your pregnancy test or the confirmation of your gynaecologist show: You are pregnant! From now on your life is different and there will be a lot of things to be taken care of. There will be a lot of questions on your mind and you might think:

Yes, I want to carry out the child. What do I have to manage in advance and what can I take care of after childbirth?

We offer you a checklist to support you from the time on you receive a positive pregnancy test until eventually your baby has grown a bit. All the items on the checklist will be specified if you are interested.

You have the feeling you need support. Who can help?

It might be a good thing having a baby, but there can also come up a lot of fear. For example, being pregnant and having a child is a burden for your body and mind and also the financial aspect can be challenging. We list points of contact that support women and couples.

An unwanted pregnancy can be total distress. If this is true for you, there is urgent need for competent consultation as fast as possible. We show you pregnancy counseling centres you can contact.