Check-up “U6 Untersuchung”

10th to 12th month of life

Including the tolerance limit, the period for the Check-Up “U6” is between the 9th and the 14th month of life. As the last preventive examination for the first year of life, it covers all physical and mental characteristics of your child. Particularly important topics of examination are, for example, crawling, sitting, eating, dental care, external genital organs, hearing and speech development. From the 11th month of life, further vaccinations can take place.

early detection examination called “U-Untersuchungen”

The check-ups for your child are supposed to detect disorders development of your infant as soon as possible. It is very beneficial for your child to got to the check-ups because, if necessary, therapies can be started as early as possible.

All the screening examinations are done by the pediatrician. You can find a pediatrician in your surrounding in the adress box.