Pre- and postnatal care during pregnancy and after childbirth

If your pregnancy test turns out to be positive, you should have your pregnancy confirmed by your gynaecologist. Just make an appointment and get the confirmation there so you can be sure. An ultrasound scan will make obvious whether you are pregnant or not.
If your doctor confirms your pregnancy, you will have an appointment for a check-up every month, and from the 32nd week of pregnancy on, it will be every second week. At these appointments you will be advised and examined. You will also be asked to give a blood sample and a urine sample so all peculiarities or infections there might be can be quickly detected. You will usually have three ultrasound scans during your pregnancy. The examinations will include a test for gestational diabetes. If you wish to have any additional examinations that are not absolutely necessary from a medical point of view, you will have to pay for them by yourself. Latter includes for instance the first trimester screening. Your gynaecologist can advise you on this in detail.

Also, after giving birth, you should make sure to visit your gynaecologist for examinations regularly. You will have a check-up in hospital after the childbirth and another one will follow six to eight weeks later.

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