Health insurance

Having a health insurance is compulsory in German – that means every adult, every child and also your new born infant must be a member of the compulsory health insurance (with the exception of private insurance for people with very high income, civil servant and or self-employed). For your infant, the insurance is retroactive until birth, but should be applied for by the second month of life at the latest.

Mostly it is done with one phone call with the health insurance company. The employees will send you all the documents and forms you need to fill out and hand in. Usually, your infant is covered by your family insurance, which means that your child will be insured through one parent. The insurance is free of charge, which means you do not have to pay more than your usual contribution. You should also hand in your child’s birth certificate. A short time after the application you will receive the child’s health insurance card.

You can find further information and some health insurance companies in your surrounding in the adress box.